It can be a really great idea to schedule senior pictures for two seasons! This senior had hers in both very early summer and late summer and experienced the best of both worlds. Nicole ended up with two vastly different locations and a gallery full of stunning images with remarkable variety.

Different Growing Seasons

Nicole was able to enjoy very different varieties of flowers when she chose to schedule her senior session for both early and late summer. There is more of a difference than you might think between early and late summer! Especially in the Pacific Northwest! For many seniors, location and which month they want to book depends greatly on what is growing. In early spring you would see trees blossoming, lush greenery, tulips, and daffodils. Early summer brings beautiful wildflowers, the start of lavender, poppies, snapdragons, and roses. Late summer is when lavender finishes up and roses, sunflowers, dahlias, salvia, and zinnia show off. Early to mid fall brings stunning autumn color and the last bits of flower color. If you have flowers in mind for a senior session, pay attention to the growing seasons and work together with your photographer to find the right date for your session.

More Locations

With senior pictures scheduled during two different seasons, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of more than one location. Nicole’s first photo shoot took place when the wildflowers were still going strong. I knew that Discovery Park was showing off with fields of sweet peas in pinks and purples. If timed right, planning senior pictures while the sweet peas are in bloom is always beautiful. For her late summer session, Nicole asked for more flowers. Although wildflowers are no longer blooming at parks near Redmond, flower farms offer beautiful color all the way through early fall. We planned a trip to Scattered Seeds Flower Farm. This is a breathtaking location with a fairy tale quality. We loved the sunflowers and fields of dahlias, zinnias, and more colorful blooms.

Gallery Variety

Booking a split season senior session offers a ton of gallery variety! This is one of the greatest perks of this type of session. Different locations, backgrounds, outfits, and styling help capture a wide range of aesthetics. From different growing seasons and flowers to the lighting and weather, you can achieve a diverse range of looks. Add to that the benefits of more outfits and styling choices, and your gallery can be a remarkable showcase adding even more elements of your personality and individuality.

Planning a senior session for two seasons can be a wonderful choice for some seniors. Like Nicole, maybe you love flowers and want to include a wide variety. Or, you might have more than one sport that you would like to capture during those seasons. And it might also be that you love fall but your yearbook deadline is too early for a fall session. In that case, you can plan a photo shoot for an earlier season and then another for the fall. In any case, it is an opportunity to create a diverse and memorable collection of images that capture different facets of your personality and the beauty of the changing seasons.

A great senior photographer can help you plan the amazing senior session that you are dreaming of. If you would like to schedule senior pictures for two seasons, it’s a ton of fun and each session can be tailored exactly to your needs. You can work together to discover the best months, locations, outfits, and styling for you. Follow the links below to book, inquire, or learn more about my Senior Experience. Next, you might be interested in reading about 10 Tips For Planning Amazing Senior Pictures!

Thanks for reading!

XO, Janelle

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Janelle Barrow Photography serves couples and seniors in Seattle and the surrounding areas. With an emphasis on bringing out the natural beauty of all her clients, Janelle is passionate about building confidence and joy in everyone who steps in front of her camera. Her light, romantic wedding images capture every moment of the wedding day from arrival to the final exit. She thrives on attention to detail and a great ability to take the stress out of photos.

If you are planning your senior pictures in the Seattle area, please get in touch to see how Janelle Barrow Photography can serve you.

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