Luke | Lake Washington High School | Kirkland

Marymoor Park was the perfect quick session location for this Lake Washington senior. Not all seniors are up for a long photo shoot, and that’s okay! This is especially common with the guys. Often, they just want a couple of shirt changes and some great photos in as little time as possible. And, without sacrificing variety and quality, it’s definitely doable!

Marymoor Park location

Marymoor Park in Redmond was a great location choice for this type of senior session. Luke and his family were hoping for somewhere that would capture his personality, offer several different backgrounds, lend itself to a quick session, and have some water views. We were able to get all of that! There is a great little trail that I love in the park that makes it so easy to get a bit of everything.

Keeping things light, casual, and efficient

Luke was wonderful to hang out with while we wandered the trail and paused along the way to catch photos. With a quick session in mind, I like to plan ahead and know exactly the spots to stop for the best use of our time. Moving things along, with brief posing moments, kept Luke relaxed and his expressions natural. Within a short amount of time, I was able to capture plenty of great shots with variety.

If you are thinking of planning a senior portrait session, check out the links below to learn more about my Senior Experience or to book. Get in touch to find out how we can plan a photo shoot to best suit you; whether you want a long shoot with lots of outfit changes, or a quick and easy session. There’s something for everyone. You might also be interested in reading 10 Tips For Planning Amazing Senior Pictures!

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A Quick Marymoor Park Senior Session

February 22, 2024

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