Graduating from high school is a huge accomplishment and sending out graduation announcements helps celebrate this milestone. Even with a lot of exciting things on your plate this year, ordering them can be a really simple process. And your Cloudspot gallery store makes it fun with an amazing selection of beautiful choices. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to show off your gorgeous senior photos!

1. Open up your gallery

First open up your gallery and find the shop options at the top. You can either click the “shop now” button on the top right or the “shop” button on the top left. Either one will take you to the same place – your gallery store.

cloudspot gallery janelle barrow photography

2. Navigate to the graduation cards within your gallery store

Navigating within your gallery store is super simple. And I love how beautiful it all looks! You will see that you can also order prints, wall art, photo books, and holiday cards. But for now just click on graduation cards.

cloudspot storefront
cloudspot store
cloudspot store

3. Graduation card landing page

Don’t be fooled by the lack of choices on the first landing page for ordering graduation cards! There are a lot more choices if you want. This first page is where you can get some initial product details. From there, click on the black button on the bottom right to “see designs”. That will take you to a page where you can select your style.

graduation cards janelle barrow photography

4. Choose your style of card

These are just a few of the choices for cards. There are over a hundred to choose from! On the left side you can add filters to narrow down your search for the perfect style. Roll over each one to see a view of the back. Then click on one you like to begin customizing it.

ordering graduation cards

5. Customize the front of your card

You can start by customizing the front of your graduation card. You can adjust where the photo is, the color, foil, and type of paper. Don’t forget to edit the text as well.

grad cards janelle barrow photography

6. Customize the back of your card

You can make further customizations on the back of your card. Adjust the text, change the layout of photos, and alter the shape of your card. It’s easy to drag different images into the photo boxes from the slider at the bottom. This can be a lot of fun to play around with.

grad cards redmond senior portraits

7. Choose and design the envelopes for your graduation cards

There are quite a few ways to customize your graduation card envelopes as well. Choose different colors, styles, return address printing, full addressing, or no printing.

cloudspot grad cards

8. Review your grad card and make any adjustments

Always make sure that you carefully review your graduation cards before ordering. Make sure that the images fit in each space without cutting off details, spelling is correct, dates are accurate, and the materials are what you had wanted.

cloudspot janelle barrow photography

Sending out Graduation Cards

Generally, graduation cards are sent to family and friends anywhere from a couple of weeks before commencement to several weeks after. However, if you will be including an invitation to a graduation party, you may want to send them out sooner. But there is no hard and fast rule. This is simply a way to show loved ones what you have accomplished. And it gives them an opportunity to see the photos you love.

I hope this helps get you started with ordering your graduation cards. Go ahead and get started early. Enjoy looking through your options and designing something that you are proud to send to family and friends.

If you are graduating in the spring and still want to get your senior portraits done, consider booking a session. Even if you missed the yearbook submission date, it is still a special experience. And it’s wonderful to have beautiful photos to send to loved ones announcing a huge milestone in your life.

Thanks for reading!

XO, Janelle

Janelle Barrow Photography serves couples and seniors in Seattle and the surrounding areas. With an emphasis on bringing out the natural beauty of all her clients, Janelle is passionate about building confidence and joy in everyone who steps in front of her camera. Her light, romantic wedding images capture every moment of the wedding day from arrival to the final exit. She thrives on attention to detail and a great ability to take the stress out of wedding photos.

If you are planning your senior pictures in the Seattle area, please get in touch to see how Janelle Barrow Photography can serve you.

Ordering High School Graduation Announcements | The Cloudspot Gallery Store

January 23, 2024

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