Sarina + Kassie | Lake Washington High School

These Kirkland friends enjoyed a memorable golden hour senior portrait session at the Discovery Park. I had to share it in more detail! It definitely tops my list for fun, creativity, styling, and overall experience. I am always excited to plan a memorable session for friends. They are an amazing way to capture the essence of a friendship AND the spirit of each senior individually. Both of these seniors ended up with gorgeous final individual galleries AND amazing photos with their friend.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a wonderful choice for seniors who would like a little bit of everything. Sarina and Kassie were looking for a location on the water with beautiful views. But on top of that, they really hoped to get plenty of diversity and variety in their gallery. Mid September at the park offers huge spaces filled with dried grasses, trails, trees, sand, a bluff overlooking the water, beach, driftwood, and a lighthouse. Because there is so much space to explore, a longer photo shoot with a friend offers the perfect opportunity. For this photo shoot, we began at the upper park. There, we took advantage of the tall, dry grass and open, airy atmosphere. Next, we moved to the bluff overlooking the water. The sweeping mountain views and sparkling Puget Sound are stunning in senior photos. Finally, a trip down to the beach was the perfect way to finish our session. The beach and lighthouse made stunning backdrops for sunset photos.

Outfits and Styling

The outfits that Sarina and Kassie chose along with their simple makeup and styling showed off their personalities perfectly and complemented the location that they chose really well. I like to tell my seniors to pick a variety of clothing that also suits their personalities. Both girls picked simple tops with jeans to begin and I always love that look. Next, Kassie changed her top while Sarina brought along her cheer uniform to include in some pictures. Bringing something to represent your sport or hobby is an amazing way to document what was important to you during this season of your life. It’s fun to be able to look back at your senior photos and get a real idea of who you were. Finally, both girls changed into a more formal outfit for our time down at the beach. We decided to save these looks for the last bits of golden hour and sunset for some really dramatic and beautiful photos.


As the sun was going down we decided to take a few extra minutes to explore a little creativity. Sarina and Kassie wanted to know if they could put their feet in the water and take some less conventional pictures. I loved the idea! It can be a ton of fun to try new things and really let personalities shine at the end of a session. Often, this is when some of the most amazing photographs happen!

Summer and early fall are ideal times for amazing beach sessions. Make them even more memorable by planning an exceptional senior portrait experience with a friend! By choosing a senior photographer who designs personally tailored portrait experiences, you can ensure that your photo shoot meets all of your needs and lives up to expectations. To book, inquire, or learn more about my Senior Experience, click the buttons below.

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Janelle Barrow Photography serves couples and seniors in Seattle and the surrounding areas. With an emphasis on bringing out the natural beauty of all her clients, Janelle is passionate about building confidence and joy in everyone who steps in front of her camera. Her light, romantic wedding images capture every moment of the wedding day from arrival to the final exit. She thrives on attention to detail and a great ability to take the stress out of photos.

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Best Friends Golden Hour Senior Pictures at the Beach

September 28, 2023

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