Kenzie | Kentridge High School

My fall giveaway winner chose a city vibe photo shoot in Seattle. And it was the most beautiful blue sky day for us! It’s amazing how colorful and diverse a senior session in the city can be. Kenzie chose Olympic Sculpture Park for our location and it was perfect.

Seattle location

If you are looking for a great Seattle city location, this is an amazing one. The Olympic Sculpture Park is a 9 acre, award-winning, urban park on Seattle’s waterfront. It is located just up from Pier 70 and contains numerous artistic sculptures throughout. The location is ideally placed with views of both the water and city. I love that it isn’t too huge. We were able to walk all over the park, down to the waterfront, and back to the upper park in our hour together. It’s also a location that could easily be adapted to a longer session by wandering a bit more on the waterfront or walking up into the city streets for even more urban looks.

Plenty of variety in the city

It’s surprising how much variety can be achieved in one city park. The great thing about Olympic Sculpture Park, is that it offers quite a few backgrounds and props. There are a lot of interesting and artistic benches, seating areas, and things to lean up against. There are also stairs, a fountain by the pier, ocean views, trees, and big structures. And it was a gorgeous fall day! The leaves on the trees were colorful and the glass in the buildings was reflecting the blue sky. Overall, it created beautifully layered and colorful images.

If you are considering an urban location you don’t need to worry about a lack of variety. You can always add another location if you feel you would like a little more nature mixed into your final gallery. But it’s certainly possible to get a lot of looks just at one city park. If you are ready to plan your own senior photo shoot, check out my Senior Experience. Or skip ahead and book your spot to get on the calendar. And definitely check out 10 Tips For Planning Amazing Senior Pictures!

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City Photo Shoot in Seattle

January 22, 2024

seattle city senior photo shoot

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